New holiday house

Degučių homestead

Homestead "Degučių sodyba". Jovarų 30, Liutonys, Kaišiadorių rajonas. Open a map >>>

New homestead "Deguciai valley"

Homestead "Degučių slėnis". Strėvos 11, Liutonys, Kaišiadorys district. Open a map >>>

Kayak rent center

The homestead is located in Kaisiadorys district, Kaunas county, near Liutoniu kayak center.

Kayak lovers are welcome to try kayak trips in the river Strėva. The river is nor very swift, nor dangerous.

Experienced kayak enthusiasts say that this is a very good route: beautiful places, bridges and dams. A length of the river - 73.6 km.

The river runs through Trakai, districts of Elektrėnai and Kaišiadorys.

The hosts of the homestead are great kayak enthusiasts too, but rarely find the time to enjoy this pleasure. After all, their main occupation - guests of the homestead.

After your kayak trip we will offer a barbecue, sauna for the whole company.

The newly built kayak center has:

  • banquet hall,
  • mini kitchen, refrigerator,
  • training room,
  • dressing room,
  • WC and shower.

Kayak center "Liutonių baidarių centras". Kiementos 3, Liutonys, Kaišiadorys district. Open a map >>>


A campsite on the bank of the river Streva - perfect place for tourists with tents, kayak trips, fishing, swimming in the river.

You can get here by car, as well as stop here for a night during kayak trip.

For your convenience:

  • Meadow for playing volleyball, basketball, football.
  • 4 gazebos and outdoor furniture;
  • Fireplace, grill;
  • Outdoor toilet.

VIP bus for party

One more exclusive entertainment - VIP bus for your party:

  • Wedding!
  • Hen party or bachelor party!
  • Children’s Christening!
  • Birthday!
  • Team building trip!
  • Tour!
  • Other events!

The bus has perfect laser effects, 3 LCD TVs and a good sound system.

Party VIP bus - will certainly make your party exclusive!

Mobile sauna

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